MP Instrumentation provides on-site services and technical support for all your machine condition/vibration monitoring systems in CANADA. Mart leans more to the maintenance expertise as opposed to the electronic repairing/rebuilding. Please visit his new website at -

KenMar Instrumentation Services
is a valuable resource for your entire protection monitoring and instrumentation needs.  Please visit them at -

Vibravista provides solutions and services for rotating and reciprocating machinery protection and condition monitoring systems for critical machines and smaller plant machines. VibraVista solutions are directly interchangeable and compatible with other vibration system providers such as Bently Nevada. VibraVista offers a wide range of solutions and services for all your vibration monitoring requirements. Please visit them at -

Power Sourcing - Industrys Best On-Line Sourcing Tool

Links of Interest

Iowa Rebuilt Electronics, LLC

Industrial Machinery Diagnostics  provides new monitoring systems & installation in addition to a full range of engineering field services such as diagnostics, balancing and alignment for industrial rotating equipment.  Please visit them at -

Reliability Direct is the largest e-commerce site for condition monitoring offering over several thousand new products for PdM.  Please visit them at -

Machine Saver, Inc. offers an all in one machine protection and condition monitoring system that is compact with wireless or minimal wiring for easy installation and care-free maintenance. The sensor provides overall vibration level outputs for the X, Y and Z axis in Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement as well as temperature.  Please visit them at –

Valtorc Valves is a USA ball valve manufacturer with 30 years experience.  With a new relaunched website to help customers find their needs, Valtorc is becoming a leader in the ball valve industry.  Review the newly structured ball valve page at -